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Guest of Honour - 2017

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Mario Chichorro was born in Portugal, close to Lisbon. His school days were troubled, as he rejected the authoritarian teaching methods that left no room for imagination. Still, every day, after school, he ran down to the town library to devour books. During a brief stint in an architecture school, he participated in the student movement of 1958; coming to the realization that the regime in his home country was suf-focating, he decided to leave. From 1968, he devoted himself entirely to his passion for the arts. This is how he became a dissenter.

Mario participated in the two foundational exhibitions, Les Singuliers de l’Art at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, in 1978, and Outsiders, organised by Roger Cardinal and Victor Musgrave in London in 1979. In 1992, Raw Vision, the international journal of outsider art, featured him on the cover. The art writer Laurent Danchin and the philosopher Michel Ragon dedicated texts to him. Mario sculpts then paints bas-reliefs that illustrate, in a wealth of colours, his philoso¬phy on life and human relationships. The artist’s dreams take over each work, which thus becomes an allegoric fable. His creations are on display at the Musée de la Collection de l’Art Brut de Lausanne, at the Fabuloserie (Dicy), at the Création Franche (Bègle)...

«My work as an artist is the result of my personal nature… Raw or outsider? Why not? These days it’s something to be proud of. But some other things must be added to that: primitive, baroque, comedic, art pompier, and, I insist, politically annihilated, distant humanist and even painter. I stand for irreverence, insubordination, unrealism, absurdity, reverie, madness, utopia, desire. I feel solidarity towards those who, by choice or by chance, set-up camp in the savage and fertile lands of ideals and who contribute, with their own means, to a new and entirely different creation» states Mario Chichorro loud and clear.

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