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Paraschiva DUMITRU

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Expression Award in the Grand BAZ'ART 2016

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A genuine rural raw artist, with little formal education and no artistic training, Paraschiva Dumitru lives out the Biblical stories painted on the walls of the village church as though they were an unfolding saga, a story with which she is intimately familiar and which concerns her personally,
as much as it does the entire world, with a sense of participation reserved only to the truly pure of heart. A natu¬rally skillful colorist, the strength of her painting lies in the captivating expressiveness of her minute characters and in the raw emotion that they convey.

Grand BAZ’ART 2016!

"Ecce homo!"
Church St Gervais - St Protais 

Without the least artistic training, unable to draw in any other way than her own, but endowed with a surprising intuition of composition, perspective and colour, Paraschiva Dumitru looks with pure and pious eyes on the scenes of the sacred history that she knows by heart and that she has been seeing on the walls of Moldavian churches since her youngest age. In painting these scenes, she lives them out, she witnesses them and she allows herself to be moved to tears by the human side of this cosmic drama. For the ordeal of the Christ, she has all the reverence of her orthodox faith, but it is especially the ordeal of the mother (and not the Mother) faced with the agony of her son (and not of the Son) that touches her the most deeply. Things couldn’t be any different, gifted as she is for nurturing life and helping everything that passes through her hands in her small farm grow and thrive, from children to lambs, from flowers to stray cats. With such a cult for life, while her daily routine is rigorously pragmatic and down-to-earth, her painting, just like her faith, could be nothing but tender, awed and, luckily, naïve.


The International Outsider Art Festival

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