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Jean Christophe PHILIPPI

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Colour Award - Grand BAZ’ART 2010

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Colour Award - Grand BAZ’ART 2010

The universe of Jean Christophe Philippi is complex. Galaxies, spirals, Jacob’s Ladder, the Tree of Life, biblical animals that symbolise the beginning and the end, all in the same moment, in this very moment – they are only the visible imprint of his thoughts.
His works are "representations" hidden under lines and colours, allowing us to exit time, to escape linearity, bringing us closer to rapture and allowing us to find a moment of truth. They are the possibility of being dazzled, in the imminent.
The artist keeps on painting because there is something that escapes his comprehension and that pushes him to try and decipher it, transcribe it. As if an entire mythology were rolled up inside of him. The harder he tries to unravel it, the more the secret is intensified, complicated. And yet, he keeps trying to share

The International Outsider Art Festival

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