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Welcome to the Grand Baz'Art 2015!

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Welcome to the Grand BAZ’ART 2015!

The Danish artist Hans Jorgensen believes that a sculpture must have its own vitality
– not the vigour of a movement, nor the demonstrative nature of a dancing or agonising figure, but an energy and an intensity that emanate from the artwork itself, regardless of the shape that it represents.
He rejoices when a sculpture reveals that spiritual force which touches us profoundly.
His “woods” seem haunted by a pain that will eventually lead to a liberating expulsion.
“Is my art about the sacred? Yes, if the sacred is this anxiety, this awe that people feel deep inside their hearts. In fact, my work is made up of the ruins of all ages and cultures. It is this expression which bears the mark of a distant origin that stimulates us and invites us to meditate upon time and being.”

The International Outsider Art Festival

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