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Catherine URSIN

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Welcome to the Grand BAZ’ART 2015!

Price 100 Lei
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Welcome to the Grand BAZ’ART 2015!

Through her artworks, Catherine Ursin fosters reflection on violence, particularly the kind
inflicted on women.
In a way that is very much her own, she approaches the theme of the body, so often visited by the artists of modernity. Of a body that is weighty, identified, photographed, sexualized, signified, digitized, regulated, groomed, that one must discipline, put into words, dress, bury etc. Of this body that is "an inanimate thing" according to Plato, and that she fully reinvests in the ever-renewed momentum of her drawings. Indeed, one may "read" her paintings in every sense (the figures in them often being top to tail); for "we do not know what a body can do", as Spinoza once said.

Catherine Ursin, la chaman de l’imaginaire, text by Philippe Godin (diagonaledelart.blogs.liberation.fr)

The International Outsider Art Festival

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