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Guest of Honour - 2018

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The artistic adventure of Gerard Sendrey has been accompanying him forever and his works are now featured in many places of reference: the LAM of Lille – Aracine collection, La Fabuloserie in Dicy, the Anatole Jakowsky Art Naïve Museum in Nice, the Art Brut Museum in Lausanne – the Neuve Invention collection -, the Folk-Art Museum in New York, the Museum of dr. Guislain (Belgium), the Gugging Museum (Austria)…

Gerard Sendrey is also the man who started the Creation Franche. In 1989, in Begles, he deployed a great deal of conviction, determination and perseverance to commence the creation of what would become in 1996 the Musée de la Creation Franche. A place that has become unavoidable for lovers of outsider creation.

« Yes ! I am very happy about it. What a wonderful adventure it was, unfolding depending on the opportunities presented by each moment and on the willingness of people to materialize these opportunities, with no previous project! So many people who cooperated to the establishment of an institution! I am perfectly aware that I was no more than a receptacle, gathering all the conjugated good will that lead to this unexpected resulted. I am proud to have played the part of an instrument in this design-less construction, of a mere tool obeying the injunctions of the present moment”, declares with great modesty this tireless creator.

Welcome to Gerard Sendrey to the Grand BAZ’ART 2018!

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